How to create a trackable URL with Google Analytics from the Dashboard

A few days ago we informed you about the new integration that we had developed with Google Analytics, thanks to which you could create the trackeable url from your Device Push dashboard facilitating the work since you will not have to work with two dashboards: Device Push’s one and Google Analytics’ one. With this tutorial we […]

Add Advertising to your App with Device Push

In this tutorial we’re going to explain how to take advantage of our Push Notifications service. We’ve already talked about enriched Push Notifications, but we’re going even further, let’s show you how you can add advertising within your hybrid app, whether developed with Cordova, PhoneGap, Ionic or Ionic 2, and you can manage what content […]

Strategies to Improve Push Notifications Subscription

For a business, when a user visits a Web Page for the first time, this is the ideal time to turn that user into a Subscriber for their Push Notifications. But the truth is that the user needs some time to familiarize himself with the content of the site and see what value it offers. […]

Configure your Ionic2 project and send Push Notifications from your App

A couple of weeks ago we told you how to implement our Push Notifications service in an App developed with Ionic Framework. As we said then, due to the great differences between Ionic and Ionic2

Configure your WordPress Web in Device Push

When we decided to make Device Push the easiest Push Notifications tool to implement by developing plugins and modules, the WordPress plugin was the first one on the list. Why? More and more web sites are using WordPress. Its percentage of use has increased to global level and even more

Configure your Ionic project and send Push Notifications from your App

Hello everyone! A new Friday with a new tutorial, today we tell you how to implement our Push Notifications service in your App developed with Ionic Framework. Due to differences between Ionic and his successor, Ionic 2, this tutorial

Configure your Prestashop Ecommerce in Device Push

If you have an ecommerce in Prestashop, you will not find a Push Notifications plugin more complete and easy to implement like the one we offer from Device Push. Also, with this video tutorial everything will be like “sewing and singing”. From now on, who doesn’t have push notifications in their ecommerce is because they […]

Set up your PhoneGap project and send Push Notifications to iOS and Android

Hello everyone! Today we bring you a very interesting tutorial where we will see how to integrate Device Push into a PhoneGap project, in such a way that you can send push notifications to both iOS and Android apps. And, as we always tell you, don’t hesitate to contact us for any queries or comments […]

Configure FCM and send Push Notifications to Android, Chrome and Opera

Hello everyone! Here we are going to show you how to configure FCM for sending push notifications to the community of your Website or App. You can easily do the whole configuration from the Device Push dashboard. Anything you want to tell us is a great help, so do not hesitate to contact us at […]

The best solution to send Push Notifications for Apps and Webs
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