Keep calm, your data is protected

The privacy of our data on the Internet is one of the issues that most concern Internet users. According to the latest Report of the Spanish Agency for Data Protection , 82% of Spaniards consider data protection a matter of “utmost importance”, and 84% are concerned that they can be used by third parties without […]

Free Push Notifications

Looking for free push notifications? Run, run away, because you will not find them here. We will not tell you where to find this service, because surely you will already know some, many platforms, who boast of their free service and fight among them for being the company that more services “give away”. The glow […]

The importance of HTTPS in Web Sites

As you know Google uses a unique and private algorithm (HTTPS) to delimit the positioning of the various web pages, this algorithm has been modified since its creation to improve the navigation of users. Now we are facing a modification in the positioning of Google

The best solution to send Push Notifications for Apps and Webs
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