Push Notifications for Websites and CMS with WordPress and Drupal Plugins

Manage communication from your Web and increase the number of readers that return to it

Send Push Notifications from your Website to your users on Desktop and Mobile Browsers

¡Your website can send push notifications!

We have put at your disposal the fastest and easiest plugins to implement

Available in Google Chrome, Safari, Firefox and Opera, Web push notifications allow you to send messages to the visitors to your site on PC,Mac and Mobile devices.

As seen in mobile apps, the users of your website can receive Web Push Notifications on their desktop or mobile phone.

Also, with Device Push, you can show the user a completely customizable popup asking them to subcribed to push notifications and also to explain the benefits of receiving these type of messages.

And remember: ¡It’s not necessary for the user to be browsing on your website to receive the notification!

The best solution to send Push Notifications for Apps and Webs
if you have a question you can send an email to: contact@devicepush.com
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