Push Notifications for Native and Hybrid Apps for iOS and Android

Get the most out of your App, communicate in a segmented and geolocated manner

Send push notifications through your iOS and Android app to your users.

It was never so easy to implement push notifications in mobile apps.

Integrate Device Push in a native app, or in a hybrid app very easily with our plugins for Cordova and PhoneGap, Ionic or Appcelerator.

Build bonds with your users from your app giving them valuable and relevant content just when they need it.

Send notifications to a certain group of segmented users, or interact with them when they pass through a delimited geozone

Take advantage of all the potential that Device Push offers you and make your company even more visible!

The best solution to send Push Notifications for Apps and Webs
if you have a question you can send an email to: contact@devicepush.com
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Important notice: The Device Push software S.L. has been acquired by an external company and will stop providing service on July 31, 2018. Thank you for trusting us during these years.