Convince your app users to accept Push Notifications

Push Notifications are a vital component of the marketing strategy for both Mobile Applications and Websites. It allows users to directly access your web or app, even when they are not using your application or visiting the web, generating more engagement. In another article we have already written about how to encourage acceptance of Push […]

How to create a trackable URL with Google Analytics from the Dashboard

A few days ago we informed you about the new integration that we had developed with Google Analytics, thanks to which you could create the trackeable url from your Device Push dashboard facilitating the work since you will not have to work with two dashboards: Device Push’s one and Google Analytics’ one. With this tutorial we […]

How to get new customers with Mobile Marketing

The indisputable role of mobile devices in our lives has been a challenge and a great business opportunity for companies. For this reason, they have been forced to redefine their strategies and create new relationships with their clients to achieve good conversion results in this increasingly mobile environment. However, it’s important to note that the […]

Track the effectiveness of your Push Notifications with Google Analytics

While not long ago in another post on this Blog we talked about metrics to measure Web Push Notifications success , today we are going to talk about how to track Push Notifications using Google Analytics, and thus to answer some of those metrics. To do this, the Device Push team has developed an integration […]

Let’s talk about Rich Push Notifications

What do we mean by Rich Push Notifications? Until now, Rich Push were those you could add an image to, Call To Action buttons or emojis. A Push Notification that wasn’t composed of a simple text, a Push Notification that “said” something more with other instruments. At Device Push we are always investigating how to […]

5 reasons Push Notifications are better than email and SMS

Like email and sms, Push Notifications is a very powerful tool for communicating with users. But in recent times the push notifications are experiencing a great boom. The trend is changing and marketers are declining by using Push Notifications. This new technology, clearly, has more benefits than the other more traditional tools, and now we’re […]

Push Notifications and Geolocation: Attract more customers to your store!

Do you imagine being able to send an Automatic Push Notification to your App users just when they are passing close to your store? Device Push allows you to take advantage of the geolocation of mobile devices using the location data of users in real time

Strategies to Improve Push Notifications Subscription

For a business, when a user visits a Web Page for the first time, this is the ideal time to turn that user into a Subscriber for their Push Notifications. But the truth is that the user needs some time to familiarize himself with the content of the site and see what value it offers. […]

What is the impact of Web Push Notifications on SEO?

Since Google introduced push notifications with Chrome 42 back in 2015, adopting these notifications on websites has been crazy. This brings us to a question that you have already raised: what impact will the implementation of push notifications have on the SEO of a website? Here’s how to use Push Web Notifications to improve SEO.

The best solution to send Push Notifications for Apps and Webs
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