Keep calm, your data is protected

The privacy of our data on the Internet is one of the issues that most concern Internet users. According to the latest Report of the Spanish Agency for Data Protection , 82% of Spaniards consider data protection a matter of “utmost importance”, and 84% are concerned that they can be used by third parties without their authorization.

Unlike the United States, privacy and information security laws in Europe protect users rather than companies. The Data Protection Act requires us to keep all personal data safe, and to inform the person of its use, manipulation and assignment, as well as to ensure the confidentiality of such data, even when the data is finalized. Relationship that unites them.

With the application within a year of the new General Regulation on Data Protection (Regulation 2016/679), which is already in force, it is a good moment to remember the attention to be focused in this area, and in Device Push, as a company committed to digital law, we were not going to be less.

This Regulation is much more restrictive than any existing European standard, including Spanish legislation (LOPD), and its activation in 2018 will again imply having to be pioneers in the protection of personal data of citizens.

Changes such as these will make companies more concerned about the privacy of the data they have in their hands, but may be late, and they will not adapt properly to the new changes, or will not adapt for obvious economic reasons, derived of activities carried out with this data. From Device Push, we reject any service that aims to traffic with data of our customers, as we have already noted in another post in this blog about free services.

Device Push is always at the service of the customer and for this reason, for many months now, we have carried out a task of updating and placing ourselves on the agenda in terms of digital law. We don’t play with legality in the matter of personal data protection, because the great pillar of this project, without a doubt, is you.

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