Good practices when requesting permission of push notifications to the user

One of the most important moments to get a subscriber to push notifications is when we ask for permission for you to receive them. It is the browser that can finally natively ask the user for permission, and it is the end user, our reader or client who has the freedom to accept or not […]

Release the integration with Magento

Today we present the first version of the Magento extension of Device Push. As you know, Magento is one of the most used CMS platforms in the ecommerce world. “Gartner” affirms in this 2017 that: Magento is the most used e-commerce platform in the market. With more than 250,000 online sites, Magento offers high functional […]

How to share applications and webs between different accounts

Today we launch a new functionality within our control panel: you can now share applications and webs between different accounts! As you know, we love being able to listen and read the feedback you send us and, in this way, make improvements that are aligned with the needs of our customers and partners.

6 Web Push Notifications experiments you must try

Experiments take a long time. Yes. But are they worth it? Totally! Marketing is about successful experiments. Nobody knows what’s going to work; it’s about going all the way risking, trying new things and without fear of failing. Once you find what works, bingo!, you can extend the learning to all your campaigns. All you […]

Create templates for your Push Notifications

Hello everyone! Today we bring you a tutorial very simple but that is a great novelty and sure that the marketers are going to thank because it facilitates the work when writing Push Notifications and create the campaigns. The option to create Push Notifications templates is now available in the dashboard. In this way, you […]

Why is the delivery rate of your Push Notifications not 100%?

Does the delivery rate of your Push Notifications not reach 100%? Don’t worry, it’s totally normal and here we explain why. Although Push Notifications are known for their speed in real-time sending, sometimes there are situations where not all users receive Push Notifications sent or scheduled.

8 reasons to start using Push Web Notifications, today!

Push Notifications for Web, Push Notifications for Browser, Web Push, no matter what you call them, are Push Notifications that are sent through the web browser and are becoming the most powerful communication and sales tool. By now you have surely heard of them, and you will be aware of the opportunity they offer you […]

Get the most out of your Push Notifications with Google Tag Manager

Google Tag Manager allows you to easily and quickly update the tags and codes that a website contains in whole or in part. It allows you to manage third-party tool tags such as AdWords, Google Analytics,, Hotjar, Typeform and others; from the Tag Manager platform instead of doing it from every page of your […]

Convince your app users to accept Push Notifications

Push Notifications are a vital component of the marketing strategy for both Mobile Applications and Websites. It allows users to directly access your web or app, even when they are not using your application or visiting the web, generating more engagement. In another article we have already written about how to encourage acceptance of Push […]

The best solution to send Push Notifications for Apps and Webs
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